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Manufacturer Representative/Procurement/Supply Services

We have reputable network of local and international network of manufacturers and suppliers of industrial goods, spare parts, equipment and raw materials.

Our procurement drive includes All Products of Control Flow Inc., C.E.S Servetech Inc. Canada, Elastec Inc, USA, Dynex Rivett Inc. USA, Chemicals, Hydraulic Wrenches, Indiana Gratings pvt. Mumbai India, Equipment and Labour Supply. 

The sources of these commodities can be either local or foreign depending on the clients’ requirements.  We provide transient warehousing for goods procure from us at no cost to the client. 

These covers granite, oil tools equipment, pumps, valves, pipe and fittings, turbines, mechanical, electrical instrumentation and controls equipments etc. We engage in procurement and haulage of granite and sand.

We equally assist on installation and after sales service requirement to our customers on all the products we market.

We have foreign expediters to ensure prompt delivery of goods and services Procured.